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Clothing stores in downtown Iowa City will be taking part in the pop-up market for the second time starting December 9. The event kicks off at 5 p.m., with locals and visitors to the store standing on a pod in front of the Iowa State Fairgrounds on the corner of Main Street and Main Street.

Sheila Davisson, owner of Revival, said Revival will offer a variety of pop-ups that are not available in the store. Fugate, one of Iowa City's oldest and most popular soaps, is launching its classic soap line next week. As well as her classic soap lines, she will also bring some Christmas scents into the house, including frankincense and myrrh.

Although the store is located on the second floor of the Sycamore Mall, south of the Iowa City Convention Center, she says she has built up a large following in Iowa City. It is proud to support IowaCity and the Sy Camcore shopping center, which has been known since its renaming to Sy Camcure Mall in 2013.

The Boulder, Colorado-based company was not long in the making, but when the then-Mall Shopping Center debuted in 1969, it was the first closed mall in Iowa and was located just blocks from the Iowa City Convention Center. Operation was discontinued in the 1990s, bringing the number of Iowa stores back to zero.

The last tenant to move out was the TITLE Boxing Club, which moved to Coralville in 2012 after being moved there by Thrive Gym. Elsewhere in the mall, Arlotti said CORE Realty is in negotiations to fill the 200,000 square foot mall and hopes to make an announcement within the next 45 to 60 days. It is a little nebulous whether a new tenant will move in or not, he said, noting that to get a larger tenant, more work will be needed to identify improvements and architectural needs. He made it clear that new tenants would have to be active rather than just signing a lease and that they would be counted towards that threshold.

City documents show the mall failed to meet that requirement after filing three certifications before the agreement took effect, forfeiting a $500,000 discount that day. Iowa City Market was foreclosed in 2012 because Wells Fargo owed more than $13 million for the loan before securing new financing from Great Western Bank in March 2013.

While Lucky's Market ceased operations at the mall, Arlotti said the company is still leasing its former location and working with CORE Realty to find a new tenant. The shopping centre, with 22 tenants, is at a little over 70 per cent capacity and there are plans to fill the rest of the 1,500 square metre space in front of Lucky's.

The pop-ups will help locals familiarise themselves with the businesses they already have, by giving sellers space to offer special holiday items that they may not have in stock. He said some vendors are in the area and might try to move to the area, but not for long.

The centre also has many restaurants, so you can keep up your energy for your shopping. Fun is also available at Merle Hay Bowling Lanes, and there are also a number of restaurants in the area as well as a variety of bars and restaurants.

Jordan Creek is one of the most popular shopping centers in Iowa City, Iowa, and you will find a wide selection of local and national retailers including clothing, accessories, electronics, homewares, groceries, clothing and more. With retailers from Bath & Body Works to a number of specialist shops, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

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