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From singer-songwriters to heavy metal bands, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids have produced a variety of music acts. Dozens of artists have made their mark on the local music scene, but not many have received recognition from concert-goers in the region. Although some of these artists are extremely talented and successful, I would like to take a step back and really appreciate live music.

Visit the mill, where shows and performances take place almost every day of the week, and you will see a great show. As a music venue in Iowa City, you're sure to see their live music shows on weekends as well as their regular evening shows.

With all kinds of music and live performances from jazz bands to spoken word, it is not only the name of the historic marquee that attracts visitors to the Englert Theatre. It is also the history and ambience of this historic building that attracts the masses. The Hoyt Sherman Place Theater offers an experience in itself, with a variety of live music performances by local and national artists, as well as some of the best food in Iowa City.

The key to downtown Iowa lies in its ability to strike a balance between the academic and urban experience of the University of Iowa and its downtown core. The six-story building is located on campus and downtown in the heart of Iowa City and incorporates both academics and urban experience.

Maintaining a sense of vertical urban vitality and embracing the unique qualities of Iowa City's urban core, such as its diversity of buildings, extends to the multi-story interiors.

Equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment, the Redstone Room offers an intimate concert experience, with first-come, first-service seating for those who manage to pack it in. The nonprofit, volunteer-run arts center encourages the community to use its space for all kinds of art performances, including music and theater. And the best thing is that all the proceeds from the concerts go to the RME children's music education classes. Next to the main hall, two smaller, private rooms, each with its own sound system, are combined into a "Redstone" room, where various music, dance and art events take place.

With its two stages, the Stepphaus is a great place to showcase your musical talents, and Iowa City performers like Elizabeth really love it when people come when she shows up. Think of this one of your live music hotspots, but change it every weekend.

A visit to Codfish Hollow is always suitable for all ages and starts with a hay ride to the stage followed by a musical experience. Nothing beats a night of good music, especially if the venue you visit is a fun place to be. The Trumpet Blossom Café, concerts take place in the concert hall, and music is also played on the second and third floors of the building.

The first 80 - 35 music festival took place in 1976 and attracted an estimated 30,000 music fans over two days. Since then it has become an annual event that attracts thousands of music lovers from the United States, Canada and Europe every year. Foot Notes Music features live music from Iowa City, Iowa, as well as local bands from around the country.

Professional musicians and many enthusiastic laymen play in the congregation, who perform for various services throughout the year, even in the summer months. D.C. Luther College also has one of the largest music programs in the United States, with over 1,000 students. Iowa City music artists are thriving and we are thrilled that rock & roll is helping people of all ages get involved in music in the future. The past has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, John Prine and the Rolling Stones.

Gabe's offers great music and drinks, and the bar is also an unforgettable beer garden. The venue is full of booths around the stage and offers plenty of food to eat while listening to the performers.

The Redstone Room in Davenport, located on the second floor, is one of Iowa City's most popular live music venues. Stacked with musical and entertaining performances, including a comedy venue and dueling piano parties, you can see why the Mississippi Moon Bar adds excitement to Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque. Whether you connect with them or not, I bet you'll have a good time at the Mississippi Moon Bar.

Iowa is also home to some of Iowa City's most popular bars and restaurants, such as 30Hops. Located on Iowa River Landing, the 30Hop is known for its over 60 taps and has a rooftop terrace that makes you die. More than 60 beers are tapped, including a wide selection of beers from local and national breweries as well as specialty beers. Make sure to visit and see the extensive list of events and events on their Facebook page.

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