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In the heart of Northwest Iowa, you will find a picturesque community that thrives on business and agriculture. Welcome to Iowa City, Iowa - a small town of just over 1,000 people located in the city center. Welcome to our new, modern Hyatt Hotel and Spa, located downtown, which features a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness center, spa, hotel rooms and much more.

In addition, nearby Iowa River Waterfront Park has hiking and biking trails for students and residents who need a break from study, and students enjoy riverboat rides and recreation. There is also a large parking lot just blocks from the competing hotel and the soon-to-open Iowa State University campus. You will have the opportunity to explore campus resources in the Iowa City community, reflect on your goals and talk about what it means to thrive as a Hawkeye person. In addition to all this, our property also has a full service restaurant, bar, gym, spa and hotel rooms just 800 meters away.

Choose the beautiful Quad City Ballroom for a large reception for up to 500 guests or the well-appointed Iowa Boardroom. There is a 400-seat event room for your next meeting or event, as well as an open-air lounge for private events.

The Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center is located in the heart of the Great Lakes region of Iowa, on a stunning 27-hole golf course and within walking distance of West Okoboji Lake. DoubleTree Cedar Rapids features an indoor pool and fitness center, is a short drive from Iowa State University campus and was the location for the following services: The Community Center is a connecting service location. Downtown Cedar Falls, IA is home to a variety of restaurants, bars and bars, as well as a great shopping and dining experience.

It is located in the heart of the Great Lakes region of Iowa, on a stunning 27-hole golf course and within walking distance of West Okoboji Lake. It is scheduled to be completed in August 2018 and will be located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in Cedar Falls, IA.

U Campus in Cedar Falls, IA, and is within walking distance of the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the Iowa City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Iowa is perfect for your next business meeting or wedding with exquisite cuisine and modern amenities. If you're looking for something to see and do in the area, visit the Iowa City Convention and Visitors Bureau and Iowa State University. The Bend Event Center is the ultimate destination for your next event and is just a short walk from the University of Iowa campus in Cedar Falls, IA.

The Terrace View Event Center is just a short walk from the Iowa City Convention and Visitors Bureau and provides an easily accessible venue for your event. Get a good night's sleep and plan your direction for the next day's events at the Des Moines Convention Center or Iowa State University. Janko Hospitality, which will manage the Iowa City Hotel, will offer a wide variety of events, from business meetings and events to weddings and special events.

In addition to photographing other student housing projects, the Iowa City development also offers students, parents and visitors the opportunity to rent hotel rooms in the adjacent towers nearby. Across the country, you can book a room at a luxury California hotel with a view of the Pacific Ocean or even a bed and breakfast at the Beverly Hills Highland Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

The Boulders Conference Center is located in the rolling hills of Denison, Iowa, and is home to the College of Business and Business Administration of the University of Iowa. Located just blocks from the Iowa City Hyatt Hotel, Wooden Wheel Vineyards is home to the largest winery and winery in the world, with over 100 acres of vineyards.

If all nine hotels go online, they will generate more than $1.5 billion in tax revenue for the state of Iowa. Hotel and motel tax revenue is distributed to Iowa City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and other cities and counties. Tax collection is handled by the Iowa Department of Taxation and Revenue (DOTR) and Iowa State Tax Authority (ITA). Of all tax revenue from hotels and motels in Iowa, about 1.7 percent is accounted for by Iowa City and about 0.8 percent by Cedar Falls.

Hyatt Place in Iowa City is visible in the distance, and IA - Iowa was voted the best casino in IA / IowaVoted. This includes collecting tax revenue from hotels, motels, restaurants, bars and other businesses in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

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