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Iowa City has plenty to see and do, and the city attracts thousands of visitors every year. Des Moines is also home to several prestigious annual events, including the Arts Festival and the Iowa State Fair, featured in the book "1000 Places to See Before You Die."

Iowa's cultural heritage can also be seen in the many museums dedicated to ethnic groups, including the Iowa State Museum, Iowa Museum of Natural History and Iowa Heritage Museum. Cedar Rapids also has a large number of museums and galleries, as well as a variety of cultural events and events.

The Iowa State Museum, Iowa Museum of Natural History and Iowa Heritage Museum are the largest cultural institutions in Iowa City and one of the most popular in the state.

Home to traditional German food and crafts, the Amana Colonies are located north of the Iowa State Museum and the Iowa Museum of Natural History. There are seven former community villages that have retained their name and historical significance for their original inhabitants, and there is a museum of their history at the Aman aEUR "Amana Colony.

Iowa City is also the center of the slow food movement, with restaurants and grocery stores specializing in locally produced food. Downtown Iowa City also hosts the Iowa State Museum, aEUR, "open from May to October, and the Craft and Craft Market. Unlike many standard chains, Iowa City and the Coralville area offer many unique dining options.

Despite the bustle of downtown Iowa City, there are many quiet historic neighborhoods full of trees - lined streets hidden behind classic Midwestern homes. The median value of apartments is higher than in any other small community in the area, and there is housing for every income level, from single-family homes to condominiums and townhouses to apartment buildings.

Although they are not so much in keeping with the traditional Midwest, these interesting and friendly accommodations allow you to see the great variety of Iowa City. The University of Iowa is located in Solon, Iowa, and provides excellent employment and training opportunities for Solon residents. As in the rest of our state, the university cities of Ames and Iowa City are represented by a greater variety of religions. It is home to a variety of recitals and plays produced by the various faculties of the University of Iowa, as well as Broadway shows at the Hancher Auditorium.

As such, the university has a strong influence on the culture of Iowa City and influences the community through a variety of sources, including hospitals, various university teams and programs.

In Iowa City in particular, UI students have the opportunity to build relationships with the communities they briefly call home. Although the campus is located near downtown Iowa, downtown is interspersed with a diverse mix of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and other amenities, creating a vibrant central core that would be the envy of most cities. Iowa City not only offers arts and cultural programs that educate, stimulate and engage the public, but also works to promote the vitality of its diverse population, preserve and interpret its rich heritage, and enhance the country's attractiveness as a place to live. With prairie grasses, rivers and lakes, it consists of more than 2,000 hectares of open space and is surrounded by rolling hills. The 41 public parks of the city are all just a few kilometres apart and within walking distance of the city centre and its rolling hills.

There is much more to discover in this Iowa City area, and there are some fantastic regional attractions to explore. To enrich your time in Iowa City and Coralville, here are links to several calendar pages. If you are planning your holiday there, check out our list of accommodation, restaurants and sights and get to know the cultural heritage.

Marybeth Slonneger and Paul Juhl (pictured) helped to acquire the earliest collections of the Society for Ambrotype Construction. The artist Thomas Agran from Iowa City worked in the early 20th century and kept to the elements created by the local youth. We have a great collection of his works, as well as many other works by other local artists.

I recently discovered this framed picture and thought the State Historical Society might want it, so I celebrated the landmark. Recently, I discovered the framed paintings on the wall of the Iowa City Museum of Art in the basement of the Iowa County Courthouse.

Along with other stores, the mall is also home to an NHL-sized rink the size of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes ice hockey team. The Iowa City, Iowa Museum of Art's exhibit focuses on the history and growth of Iowa, with an emphasis on the history, culture, and history of the Iowa State Capitol.

Since 2009, the store has also housed the Iowa City Waking House, a cafe, coffee bar and cafe. With some of the state's best coffee-sampling specialties, as well as a variety of specialty coffees from around the world, this castle is a classic Iowa diner known for its annual Coffee Bean Caucus. The restaurant has been run by a husband and wife team for two years and produces food in one house, most of it purchased at local farmers markets. El Bandito Mexican Restaurant is a popular place for tacos, burritos, tacos con quesadillas and other Mexican dishes.

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